At Advance Glazing LTD we aim at providing our customers with excellent and top of the range products, good customer services at an extremely affordable price. Keeping our pricing structure competitive we aim to achieve a total customer satisfaction. Our talented engineers are only a phone call away and we provide an absolutely. FENSA Registered - 10 Year Guarantee!

We deliver and fit according to your requirement


Advance Glazing Group Ltd have been manufacturing and installing affordable, high-quality, energy-efficient and secure double glazing uPVC and Aluminium Windows , Doors & Conservatories for homeowners throughout London and surrounding M25 for more than 15 years.

Opening doors to the future


We are specialized in aluminum and uPVC doors, we have a wide range of colors to select within the two materials. Here at Advance glazing Ltd we have the highest quality materials and want to give you products that are long lasting. Every aluminum and uPVC door is made within the UK in our factory, our suppliers provide us with the best quality available.

Safe & Secure

One of our goals here at Advanced Glazing group is to make our customers feel safe, so we ensure that we are able to do that by providing the best security locking systems within our doors. These locking systems are certified and approved, our priority is to make sure that our customers are safe and satisfied.

Same Day Repairs

This is one of our many plus points, we are there for you all the time. If there are any problems that you are facing with any of our products, we can come solve this issue on the same day that you contact us. We can ensure that we are always there for you and will not let you down.

Low Price Guarantee

Our prices are unmatched. We make sure that we provide our customers with the best available prices, we make sure that our prices are customer satisfactory. Once again, our main goal here is customer satisfaction and we want to provide that every step of the way

Your window to the world


Similar to the aluminum and uPVC doors we also do windows; we have different specialized staff working in this sector because there are different mechanics that are required for windows. We have a range customization and colors to choose from.  We have all the different types of windows that are available, any style that you require we are there to make it happen. Our windows have many features one being solar gain this allowing free heat from the sun into your home and keeping it in. Another being that you will never face any draughts, condensation or leaks. All of our windows have a multi-point lock system this giving you security and peace of mind.

Your Design Your Choice

We have a large variety of designs to choose form when it comes to windows however that isn’t the main focus. Our main focus is to provide our customers with what they are looking for, therefore you can give us a design that you want. Our specialist worker will make you the design that you want making your home second to none.

Expert Fitters

We have many expert fitters which have a lot of experience, this makes the process much easier for you and less of a hassle. Every project is done to perfection leaving no room for errors, making the overall procedure much more efficient and faster.

Energy Efficiency

All of our windows and doors ensure a maximum amount of heat retention keeping your house warm and minimum heat loss. The quality we provide our customers with is second to none and we make sure that we do that for each and every one of our products.

Adding Space And Light To Your Home


Conservatories can act as a functioning room throughout the year. To make them operational in winter, you should add radiators or underfloor heating, along with the necessary cooling systems and even blinds to obstruct sunshine for use during the summer months. All the conservatory parts are per-fabricated meaning that they are ready for a quick and simple installation. Once again, all the conservatory parts are very energy efficient ensuring that there is maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss.

UK made

All of our products and materials are proudly made within England within our Factory in Southall. Even our suppliers are based within England, we are local and have experts that can help you pick out the right design you are looking for. Making your home stand above the rest.

Fully Qualified Installers

We have a large group of specialist workers, however alongside this we also have fully qualified team, so while installing windows and doors we can take care of the all side of your home as well.

10 Year Guarantee

With every product that we provide we give you a decade’s guarantee ensuring that we will be there by your side. We promise that from your Advanced Glazing you will receive all the support that is needed this includes maintenance and new products if anything goes wrong with your old ones.

More Space, More Trendy.


Porches give your home a much more vibrant feel and make it feel more modern. In addition to that they allow an increase of natural light, this creating a lovely, warm and welcoming feel to your home. A porch can also act as an extra defense mechanism and can be used for safeguarding your home, it acts like an additional barrier. The porch improves the aesthetics of your home making it more pleasing to view and enhancing the stylish entrance to your home.

Quotes Valid for 1 Month

Every quote that is provided by us will be there with you for up to 1 month, meaning you have a longer time to make a decision. These quotes a free and simple and will not change throughout the course of you making your final decision.

Trusted and Rated

More than 90% of people who have got their projects done from us would recommend us. We have a high customer satisfaction rating; we will not let you down. We are there to fulfill all your dreams and help you every step of the way.

Low Price Guarantee

Our prices are unmatched. We make sure that we provide our customers with the best available prices, we make sure that our prices are customer satisfactory. Once again, our main goal here is customer satisfaction and we want to provide that every step of the way


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Our Process



The first thing that is really important before we get started is getting a quote for all the products that you want. Providing you with the best quote possible, something worth your money.



Once you are happy with the quote we can come to an agreement. Making sure all the paperwork is out the way and ready to continue on with the rest of the process.



Get the installation process underway, highly skilled workers that leave no room for error. Completing the task at hand to the highest standards



Everything we do here at Advanced glazing is to make sure that our customers are satisfied. That is always the final goal.

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