Home Porches

Porches give your home a much more vibrant feel and make it feel more modern. In addition to that they allow an increase of natural light, this creating a lovely, warm and welcoming feel to your home. A porch can also act as an extra defense mechanism and can be used for safeguarding your home, it acts like an additional barrier. The porch improves the aesthetics of your home making it more pleasing to view and enhancing the stylish entrance to your home.

Made to Measures

Why we love Made to Measures Porches

Porches enhance the look of any home, however there are many different styles that people prefer in order for their house to standout. Here at advanced glazing you can customize porches in any way possible, there are many possibilities that this can be done. You can choose from the different doors, windows and roofs that we offer to make a unique porch. Something of your liking, making your home aesthetically appealing.

Looking For A Survey Or Fitting Service?

From order to installation and aftercare, we take care of everything!

Our Process



The first thing that is really important before we get started is getting a quote for all the products that you want. Providing you with the best quote possible, something worth your money.



Once you are happy with the quote we can come to an agreement. Making sure all the paperwork is out the way and ready to continue on with the rest of the process.



Get the installation process underway, highly skilled workers that leave no room for error. Completing the task at hand to the highest standards



Everything we do here at Advanced glazing is to make sure that our customers are satisfied. That is always the final goal.