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We are specialized in aluminium and uPVC doors, we have a wide range of colors to select within the two materials. Here at Advance glazing Ltd we have the highest quality materials and want to give you products that are long lasting. Every aluminium and uPVC door is made within the UK in our factory, our suppliers provide us with the best quality available.

Sliding Door
Bi-Fold Door
French Door
Patio Door
Commercial Door
Composite Door
Arch Door
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Sliding Door

Why we love sliding doors

Sliding doors are a sleek and elegant way of adding extra personality to your home. Not only do they look fantastic everywhere, you will also be improving your space ‘s efficiency. With our huge variety of colors and designs, it’s no wonder so many people prefer them.

  • Maximize The Light No Matter The Season
  • Perfect For Homes With Limited Space
  • We offer a wide range of uPVC and aluminium sliding doors.
  • Sliding doors are both a practical and aesthetically pleasing choice for your home.

Bi-Folding Door

Why we love Bi-Fold doors

Bi-folding doors also known as Folding & Stacking Doors’ as well. These doors, available in both uPVC and aluminium, are designed to achieve ultimate visibility, allowing for a maximum clear opening of up to 7 m. These doors have a particularly modern and stylish look, perfect for those who enjoy taking advantage of their outdoor space as they incorporate your living area into your garden.

  • You can combine indoor and outdoor space
  • they take up little space
  • You would have more flexible options for opening
  • You can also choose to open inside or outside

French Door

Why we love French doors

You can switch between French uPVC doors and French aluminium doors, with choices for opening inwards and outwards. Our French doors feature slim profiles to maximize the area of glass. These doors can achieve a maximum output and entrance space of 180 degrees.You can switch between French uPVC doors and French aluminium doors, with choices for opening inwards and outwards. Our French doors feature slim profiles to maximize the area of glass. These doors can achieve a maximum output and entrance space of 180 degrees.

  • Versatility (can open from inside and out)
  • We can create doors that suit your decor
  • Our French doors can be customized

Patio Door

Why we love Patio doors

Patio doors are a great way to save space and enjoy the natural outdoor light within your home. Alongside the natural light you can also relish the great fresh air coming in from the outside. Patio doors come in both aluminum and uPVC materials both of which are very long lasting. Patio doors give a modernized feel to your home.

  • Very light-weight and move easily along their tracks
  • Offer great ease of access than a regular door
  • Allow a lot of natural air within your home and natural lighting

Commercial Door

Why we love Commercial doors

Commercial doors as the name implies are there for commercial use for example these doors are used for schools, office buildings, stores, hospitals and many other commercial buildings. Here at Advanced Glazing Ltd commercial doors are manufactured with style and professionalism making them aesthetically appealing and providing a contemporary feel.

  • Attractive appearance and maximum durability
  • Smooth Operations of the door
  • Ample security
  • Space saving

Composite Door

Why we love Composite doors

Composite doors are the classic front doors that many people have, these doors are made with a selection of materials including solid timber core, glass-reinforced plastic and uPVC just to name a few. Specifically, for these doors we have a lot of customization options this including the colors and the design of the glass, we have something that can definitely amplify the appearance of your home.

  • Multiple materials which ensures great amount of strength
  • Durability and aesthetically appealing
  • Insulating materials meaning that their thermal efficiency is second to none
  • Guaranteed to last

Arch Door

Why we love Arch doors

The biggest benefit of the arched entrance doors is their distinctive and extremely elegant appearance, which along with precious wood and carved ornaments reflects the beauty of the construction and the continuity of its members. Based on the label, it’s not going to be impossible to infer that the key attribute of these doors is the form of their upper portion and the upper door frame crossbar-they ‘re bent in an arc, it’s from here that all their advantages.

  • Visually enlarge space
  • Free passage of fresh air
  • Unique Design

High Security Designer Entry Door

Why we love High Security Designer Entry Door

Our front doors of high security offer a range of personalization choices including a choice of glazing, door hardware and a selection of colors to customize your front door to suit your house. Providing you with the highest quality material that is manufactured within the UK. These doors are designed for optimal security keeping your home safe.

  • Multiple Locking system
  • High performance anti-drill
  • and anti-bump door cylinders
  • Extra-strong fix for hinges and locks
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