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Conservatories can act as a functioning room throughout the year. To make them operational in winter, you should add radiators or underfloor heating, along with the necessary cooling systems and even blinds to obstruct sunshine for use during the summer months. All the conservatory parts are per-fabricated meaning that they are ready for a quick and simple installation. Once again, all the conservatory parts are very energy efficient ensuring that there is maximum heat retention and minimum heat loss.

Lantern Roof
Fixed and Flat Roof

Lantern Roof

Why we love Lantern Roof

Designed and produced to the highest specifications in our UK facility, the roof lantern features ultra-slim aluminum glazing bars with the option of double-glazing opening – making them a perfect alternative for kitchens, dining rooms and extensions. Among many roof light providers, we build according to your exact requirements and do not charge extra for tailor-made sizes.

  • Maximum amount of natural light
  • Make the property visually appealing
  • Reduce electricity bills

Fixed & Flat Roof

Why we love Fixed & Flat Roof

Flat roof lights are an excellent way to add plenty of extra daylight to a room. These are especially suitable for rooms above, with flat roofs. A wide variety of designs, sizes and configurations are available for flat roof lights, and we can make beautifully crafted skylights, roof lanterns or roof lights for you. Whether you’re looking for a flat roof light to open on a hinge and let fresh air and airflow into the house, or a stunning fixed glass roof light, we’ve got a great range of flat roof lights to choose from.

  • Flat roofs are space-saving and a good choice of roof for extensions
  • Flat roofs are quicker and cheaper to install than pitched roofs
  • Maximum amount of natural light
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